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Oaklawn Senior Health Care Center

Oaklawn Senior Health Care Center

Janet Whitten, BA and Kathy Packard, MS, M.Ed. LPC

210 Woodbine Street,
Hot Springs, AR 71901

The Oaklawn Senior Health Care Center (OSHCC) was established in 2009 as the eighth Center on Aging in the Arkansas Aging Initiative.

Everything from art and music to Zumba Gold (a fitness course set to Latin rhythms for active older adult population or the true beginner) and Tai Chi are being offered.

Acrylics and watercolor are two of the art mediums OSHCC offers, and the class in collages allows participants an opportunity to create an art piece out of cherished mementos, photographs and found objects.

OSHCC’s programs are also held outside when the weather is nice, taking in the beauty of the mountains and lakes in Hot Springs, and inside where the environment is cozy and safe when the weather is more temperamental.

OSHCC focuses on what keeps the mind engaged. Art is a great way to encourage a person’s creativity, and exercise is the way to keep healthy, strong and confident.

Garland County ranks among the top five counties in Arkansas in percentage of older adults with its close proximity to the Hot Springs Village retirement community.

OCoA can provide in-services to your CAN’s and support staff on the following topics.

  • About Aging
  • Culture Perspectives of Aging
  • Depression, Delirium, Dementia
  • Economic and Environmental
  • Elder Mistreatment
  • Ethical Issues of Elder Care
  • Falls
  • Gerontological Assessment
  • Integument
  • Medication Use
  • Nutrition
  • Pain
  • Physical Restraints
  • Sensory Changes and Communication
  • Sleep, Rest
  • Urinary Continence

We can also help you get qualified for Prescription Medication Insurance. Think you won’t qualify? Think again.

If you are under 65 and draw Social Security Disability Income OR age 65 or older you could pay less per medication and save money on Medicare premiums.

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Oaklawn Senior Health Care Center is also affiliated with UAMS. (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences)

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