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Elderly Care Placement provides a wide variety of Senior Legal Resources.

Resources include subjects such as Disability Planning, Estate Planning, Grandchildren, Health Care Decisions, Long-Term Care Insurance, Medicaid Planning, Medicare, Nursing Home Issues, Elder Abuse and Retirement Planning.

Senior Legal Resources

In this section you will find many answers to needs such as:

Disability Planning: Whether you are looking at Social Security, Trusts or Supplemental Needs Trust for disabled children.

Estate Planning: Power of Attorney’s, Wills, Medical Directive, Trust, Capacity Requirements, Estate Taxation, Estate Administration and Guardianship.

Grandchildren: Gifts to Grandchildren, 529 Accounts or Vehicle Gifts.

Health Care Decisions: Medical Directives and Living Will – how and where it is done.

Long-Term Care Insurance: How to choose a Long Term Care Insurance Agency. When the time is right to start purchasing Long Term Care Insurance. How much Long Term Care Insurance do you truly need?

Medicaid Planning: Medicaid, Permitted Transfers, Trust, Protection of your Home, Mortgages and the Attorney’s role in all of this.

Medicare: Medicare Eligibility, Medicare Part A, Hospital Charges and how to fight a Hospital Discharge, Nursing Home and Hospice Coverage, Medicare Part B, Home Health Agencies, Appealing Decisions made on Medicare and Prescription Drug Coverage.

Nursing Home Issues: How to choose the right Nursing Home (or Care Facility), Elderly Care Placement, Elderly Care, Resident Rights and how to solve disputes.

Elder Abuse: If an Elderly has been abused in any type of Care Environment.
Retirement Living: Remaining in your original Home (How to get outside Help – Home Care), Low Income Housing especially for Seniors, Other options than Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Adult Care Foster Home, Elder Choices and CCRC.

Retirement Planning: How to save and how to invest your money, Retirement Programs, Roth IRA’s and Annuities.

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